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The Home Phone control panel lets you manage your John Lewis Home Phone account. Here we'll explain the areas you can personalise and view.

Phone features

There are a number of inclusive and chargeable call features for your John Lewis Home Phone service. These include Voicemail, Call Divert, Call Waiting and many more. For a full list and pricing see our Call features guide.

Phone features lets you add or remove Call features for your service as-and-when you want. Just go to the Home Phone control panel, then click Manage your phone features.

Unbilled calls

Unbilled calls lets you see a summary of any calls you've made since your last invoice. Go to the Home Phone control panel, then click View your unbilled John Lewis Home Phone calls. You'll see a breakdown of calls by type (whether local, international or mobile etc.) which you can download as a spreadsheet. You can also see the balance of your Home Phone credit threshold and top this up if you need to.

Privacy package

The Privacy package section lets you register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). This is an official and free opt out service, allowing you register your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing phone calls. To read more about TPS and register for the service, go to the Home Phone control panel and click Activate your Privacy Package.

Got a problem with your phone?

Report a problem with your service. It's faster by text.

Service Status

For full details of our current issues or any maintenance work that could be affecting your service please visit our Service Status site.

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