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A master socket is a square, white socket that's fixed to one of the walls in your property. Your telephone line enters your property through this socket and it's the best place to connect your router as it's where you're most likely to get the best performance and fastest speeds for your broadband.

Not all properties have one (older properties often have a junction box), but if yours does, it'll look like one of the images below:

NTE5 socket LJU socket Double Master socket / Faceplate
A BT Master Socket - type 2 A BT Master Socket - type 4 A BT Master Socket - type 1
A single socket on a flat face-plate, with a recessed line and a BT or Openreach logo in the top left corner. A single socket on a non-removable face-plate. LJUs closely resemble standard extension sockets.

Two sockets on a raised face-plate. Some older versions include the letters ADSL.

If you have one of these, you don't need to use microfilters as one is built-in to the socket.

Where to find your master socket

If your property has a master socket, you'll be able to find it close to the point where the telephone line enters your property. This can vary but it's usually one of the following:

  • Your hallway near the front door
  • Around or underneath the front or back windows
  • Your attic
  • Your basement

If there's a junction box leading to an LJU socket (see the above pictures) where the line enters your property, then you probably won't have a master socket.

The test socket

If you're having problems with your broadband, we may ask you to try the connection in the test socket. Otherwise, we don't recommend using it.

A BT Test Socket

If your master socket has a NTE5 faceplate (see above), you'll also have a test socket. You can get to it by unscrewing and carefully removing the lower half of the NTE5 as shown on the right

This completely disconnects the internal phone wiring in your property, making it the only active telephone point in your property.

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